Bubble Soccer Detroit Bubble Ball's

Bubble Detroit's premium bubbles come from the same direct supplier that Devin uses to create and make his balls with, which shows just how high quality our balls really are. His video featuring these balls has over 3 million views!

Our Balls are made up of PVC and TPU, the highest quality balls you will find on the market. Most Bubble Balls are made of 100% PVC, which leads to balls bursting and cracking more often. Bubble Detroit balls are also triple stiched throughout the ball, with quad stiching inside the ball where most tears occur. Were all over michigan, Bubble Soccer Detroit, Lansing, and all over!

Same Bubbles as Devinsupertramp

Price Match Guarantee!

Bubble Detroit was started in November of 2014 by Damon Grace, a Michigan State student who saw a need for a more unique party rental service. He saw the idea overseas, and was the first person to bring it to Michigan! Its a massive hit, and has grown all over the country. Bubble Detroit has served over 600 events across the state, with so many more to come! The idea is just so awesome because it brings groups of people together in a completely new way, bashing and bumpin' into each other all over the field.

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