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Bubble Detroit was started in November of 2014 by Damon Grace, a Michigan State student who saw a need for a more unique party rental service. He saw the idea overseas, and was the first person to bring it to Michigan! Its a massive hit, and has grown all over the state! Bubble Detroit has served over 1250+ events across the state, with so much more to come! The idea is just so awesome because it brings groups of people together in a completely new way, bashing and bumpin' into each other all over the field.

Bubble Soccer Detroit About us!

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Our Bubble soccer equipment is made up of  TPU plastic, the highest quality balls you will find on the market. Most Bubble Balls are made of 100% PVC, which leads to balls bursting and cracking more often. Bubble Detroit balls are also triple stiched throughout the balls straps and handles, creating a safer bubble. Were all over michigan, from Detroit to Kalamazoo, and even the U.P.! Check out our Partners, Bumpin' Bubbles . Bubble Soccer Rentals In Michigan!